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 *  Copyright 1995-2002 Washington University School of Medicine
 *  http://brainmap.wustl.edu
 *  This file is part of CARET.
 *  CARET is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 *  (at your option) any later version.
 *  CARET is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *  GNU General Public License for more details.
 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *  along with CARET; if not, write to the Free Software
 *  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA


#include <vector>

#include <QSize>

#include "BrainSet.h"
#include "DisplaySettingsVolume.h"

#include "WuQDialog.h"
// forward declarations help avoid lots of include files
class QAction;
class QButtonGroup;
class QCheckBox;
class QComboBox;
class QDoubleSpinBox;
class QGridLayout;
class QGroupBox;
class QLabel;
class QLineEdit;
class QListWidget;
class QListWidgetItem;
class QPushButton;
class QRadioButton;
class QScrollArea;
class QSlider;
class QSpinBox;
class QStackedWidget;
class QTextEdit;
class QToolButton;
class QVBoxLayout;

class GuiBrainModelSelectionComboBox;
class GuiBrainModelSurfaceSelectionComboBox;
class GuiDisplayControlSurfaceOverlayWidget;
class GuiFociSearchWidget;
class GuiNodeAttributeColumnSelectionComboBox;
class GuiTransformationMatrixSelectionControl;
class GuiVolumeFileSelectionComboBox;
class FociSearchFile;
class QDoubleSpinBox;
class QtTextEditDialog;
class WuQWidgetGroup;

/// Dialog for controlling display of data
00073 class GuiDisplayControlDialog : public WuQDialog {
      /// constructor
      GuiDisplayControlDialog(QWidget* parent);
      /// destructor
      /// show the scene page
      void showScenePage();
      /// apply a scene (set display settings)
      void showScene(const SceneFile::Scene& scene,
                     QString& errorMessage);

      /// create a scene (read display settings)
      std::vector<SceneFile::SceneClass> saveScene();
      /// Called when a new spec file is loaded
      void newSpecFileLoaded();

      /// Update all items in the dialog
      void updateAllItemsInDialog(const bool filesChanged /* = false*/,
                                  const bool updateResultOfSceneChange);
      /// Update the toggles and combo boxes based upon overlay/underlay selections
      void updateOverlayUnderlayItemsNew();
      /// update surface overlay widgets
      void updateSurfaceOverlayWidgets();
      /// update the surface and volume selections
      void updateSurfaceAndVolumeItems();
      /// update the volume selections
      void updateVolumeItems();
      /// update the volume tooltips
      void updateVolumeToolTips();
      /// update all border items in dialog.  If the number of borders has changed
      /// pass true.
      void updateBorderItems(const bool bordersWereChanged = false);
      /// update border main page
      void updateBorderMainPage();
      /// update border colors page
      void updateBorderColorPage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update border name page
      void updateBorderNamePage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update all cell items in dialog.  If the number of cells has changed
      /// pass true.
      void updateCellItems(const bool cellsWereChanged = false);
      /// upate cell main page
      void updateCellMainPage();
      /// update cell class page
      void updateCellClassPage(const bool cellsWereChanged);
      /// update cell color page
      void updateCellColorPage(const bool cellsWereChanged);
      /// update all cocomac items in dialog.
      void updateCocomacItems();
      /// update the cocomac display page
      void updateCocomacDisplayPage();
      /// update the cocomac information page
      void updateCocomacInformationPage();
      /// update all contour items in dialog.
      void updateContourItems(const bool filesChanged = false);
      /// update all contour main page in dialog.
      void updateContourMainPage();
      /// update all contour class page in dialog.
      void updateContourClassPage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update all contour color page in dialog.
      void updateContourColorPage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update the deformation field page
      void updateDeformationFieldPage();
      /// update foci main page
      void updateFociMainPage();
      /// update foci class page
      void updateFociClassPage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update foci color page
      void updateFociColorPage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update foci keyword page
      void updateFociKeywordPage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update foci name page
      void updateFociNamePage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update foci search page
      void updateFociSearchPage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update foci page
      void updateFociTablePage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update all foci items in dialog.  If the number of foci has changed
      /// pass true.
      void updateFociItems(const bool fociWereChanged = false);
      /// update lat lon items
      void updateLatLonItems();
      /// update geodesic items
      void updateGeodesicItems();
      /// update the image items
      void updateImagesItems();
      /// update all metric items in dialog
      void updateMetricItems();
      /// update the metric misc page
      void updateMetricMiscellaneousPage();
      /// update the metric selection page
      void updateMetricSelectionPage();
      /// update the metric settings page
      void updateMetricSettingsPage();
      /// update metric settings threshold column combo box.
      void updateMetricSettingsThresholdColumnComboBox();

      /// update the misc items
      void updateMiscItems();
      /// update model main page
      void updateModelMainPage();
      /// update model settings page
      void updateModelSettingsPage();
      /// update the model items in the dialog
      void updateModelItems();
      /// update paint overlay/underlay selection
      void updatePaintOverlayUnderlaySelection();

      /// update the paint items in the dialog
      void updatePaintItems();
      /// update paint main page
      void updatePaintMainPage();
      /// update paint column name page 
      void updatePaintColumnPage();
      /// update paint name page
      void updatePaintNamePage();
      /// update the section main page
      void updateSectionMainPage();
      /// update prob atlas surface overlay/underlay selection
      void updateProbAtlasSurfaceOverlayUnderlaySelection();

      /// update all prob atlas surface items in dialog
      void updateProbAtlasSurfaceItems(const bool filesWereChanged = false);
      /// update prob atlas surface main page
      void updateProbAtlasSurfaceMainPage();
      /// update prob atlas surface channel page
      void updateProbAtlasSurfaceChannelPage(const bool filesWereChanged);
      /// update prob atlas surface area page
      void updateProbAtlasSurfaceAreaPage(const bool filesWereChanged);
      /// update all prob atlas volume main page
      void updateProbAtlasVolumeMainPage();
      /// update all prob atlas volume area page
      void updateProbAtlasVolumeAreaPage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update all prob atlas volume channel page
      void updateProbAtlasVolumeChannelPage(const bool filesChanged);
      /// update all prob atlas volume items in dialog
      void updateProbAtlasVolumeItems(const bool filesWereChanged = false);
      /// update region items
      void updateRegionItems();
      /// update scene items
      void updateSceneItems();
      /// update rgb paint overlay/underlay selections
      void updateRgbPaintOverlayUnderlaySelection();
      /// update rgb paint main page
      void updateRgbPaintMainPage();
      /// update rgb paint selection page
      void updateRgbPaintSelectionPage();
      /// update all rgb paint items in dialog
      void updateRgbPaintItems();
      /// update shape overlay/underlay selection
      void updateShapeOverlayUnderlaySelection();

      /// update all surface shape selections in dialog
      void updateShapeSelections();
      /// update the shape items
      void updateShapeItems();
      /// update all surface shape settings in dialog
      void updateShapeSettings();
      /// update the shape settings color mapping combo box
      void updateShapeSettingsColorMappingComboBox();

      /// update vector items in dialog
      void updateVectorItems();
      /// update vector settings page
      void updateVectorSettingsPage();

      /// update vector selection page
      void updateVectorSelectionPage();

      /// update all topography items in dialog
      void updateTopographyItems();
      /// update areal estimation items.
      void updateArealEstimationItems();

      /// current brain model surface index that is being controlled
      /// If negative then controlling all surfaces
00322       int getSurfaceModelIndex() const { return surfaceModelIndex; }
      /// update surface coloring mode section
      void updateSurfaceColoringModeSection();
   private slots:
      /// called by OK (relabeled "Apply") button press.  Overriding qtabdialog's
      /// accept prevents Ok button from closing the dialog.
      //void accept() {}
      /// called when surface model combo box is changed
      void slotSurfaceModelIndexComboBox(int item);
      /// called when overlay selection combo box is changed
      void slotOverlayNumberComboBox(int item);
      /// called when surface coloring mode is changed
      void slotSurfaceColoringModeComboBox();
      /// called when page combo box selection is made
      void pageComboBoxSelection(int item);
      /// called when page back tool button pressed
      void slotPageBackToolButtonPressed(QAction*);
      /// called when page forward tool button pressed
      void slotPageForwardToolButtonPressed(QAction*);
      /// called when popup menu page selection is made
      void slotPageSelectionPopupMenu(QAction*);
      /// called when popup menu overlay selection is made
      void slotOverlaySelectionPopupMenu(QAction*);
      /// called when return is pressed in a line edit and by other methods to update graphics
      void applySelected();
      /// called when help button pressed
      void slotHelpButton();
      /// called to show a scene
      void slotShowScenePushButton();
      /// called to append a new scene
      void slotAppendScenePushButton();
      /// called to insert a new scene
      void slotInsertScenePushButton();
      /// called to replace a scene
      void slotReplaceScenePushButton();
      /// called to delete a scene
      void slotDeleteScenePushButton();
      /// called when a scene is selected
      void slotSceneListBox(int item);
      /// called when a scene is selected
      void slotSceneListBox(QListWidgetItem* item);
      /// called to check all scenes
      void slotCheckAllScenesPushButton();
      /// called to create a spec file from files used in selected scenes
      void slotCreateSpecFromSelectedScenesPushButton();
      /// called to transfer identity window filters
      void slotTransferIdentityWindowFiltersPushButton();
      /// called to display a histogram of the selecteed anatomy volume
      void slotAnatomyVolumeHistogram();
      /// called when a volume primary overlay is selected
      void volumePrimaryOverlaySelection(int n);
      /// called when a volume secondary overlay is selected
      void volumeSecondaryOverlaySelection(int n);
      /// called when a volume underlay is selected
      void volumeUnderlaySelection(int n);
      /// called when a anatomy volume column is selected
      void volumeAnatomySelection(int n);
      /// called when a functional view volume viewing column is selected
      void volumeFunctionalViewSelection(int n);
      /// called when a volume threshold column is selected
      void volumeFunctionalThresholdSelection(int n);
      /// called when a paint volume column is selected
      void volumePaintSelection(int n);
      /// called when an rgb volume column is selected
      void volumeRgbSelection(int n);
      /// called when a segmentation volume column is selected
      void volumeSegmentationSelection(int n);
      /// called when a vector volume column is selected
      void volumeVectorSelection(int n);
      /// called to display comment info for volume
      void volumeAnatomyInfoPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display comment info for volume
      void volumeFunctionalViewInfoPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display comment info for volume
      void volumeFunctionalThreshInfoPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display comment info for volume
      void volumePaintInfoPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display comment info for volume
      void volumeProbAtlasInfoPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to set prob atlas volume study metadata link
      void volumeProbAtlasVolumeStudyMetaDataPushButton();
      /// called to display comment info for volume
      void volumeRgbInfoPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display comment info for volume
      void volumeSegmentationInfoPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display comment info for volume
      void volumeVectorInfoPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display metadata for anatomy volume
      void volumeAnatomyMetaDataPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display metadata for functional view volume
      void volumeFunctionalViewMetaDataPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display metadata for functional thresh volume
      void volumeFunctionalThreshMetaDataPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display metadata for paint volume
      void volumePaintMetaDataPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display metadata for rgb volume
      void volumeRgbMetaDataPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display metadata for segmentation volume
      void volumeSegmentationMetaDataPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to display metadata for vector volume
      void volumeVectorMetaDataPushButtonSelection();
      /// called to start the volume animation
      void slotVolumeAnimateStartPushButton();
      /// called to stop the volume animation
      void slotVolumeAnimateStopPushButton();
      /// called to set default brightness/contrast
      void slotDefaultVolumeContrastBrightness();
      /// Called to display comment information about an areal estimation column.
      void arealEstimationCommentColumnSelection(int column);

      /// Called to display metadata information about an areal estimation column.
      void arealEstimationMetaDataColumnSelection(int column);

      /// read the areal estimation page.
      void readArealEstimationSelections();

      /// called when a areal est file column is selected
      void arealEstFileSelection(int col);
      /// called when a metric file column is selected
      void metricDisplayColumnSelection(int col);
      /// called when a metric file column is selected
      void metricThresholdColumnSelection(int col);
      /// called when a metric file column comment is selected
      void metricCommentColumnSelection(int col);
      /// called when a metric metadata column is selected
      void metricMetaDataColumnSelection(int col);
      /// called when a metric histogram column is selected
      void metricHistogramColumnSelection(int col);
      /// called when a metric palette is selected 
      void metricPaletteSelection(int itemNum);
      /// called when animate push button is selected
      void metricAnimatePushButtonSelection();
      /// called when a paint file column is selected
      void paintColumnSelection(int col);
      /// called when a paint page ? button is clicked
      void paintCommentColumnSelection(int num);
      /// called when a paint page meta data button is clicked
      void paintMetaDataColumnSelection(int num);
      /// called when a lat lon page ? button is clicked
      void latLonCommentColumnSelection(int num);
      /// called when a geodesic page ? button is clicked
      void geodesicCommentColumnSelection(int num);
   //   /// called when prob atlas file selected
   //   void probAtlasFileSelection();
      /// called when an rgb paint file column is selected
      void rgbPaintFileSelection(int col);
      /// called for RGB Paint Red comment display
      void rgbPaintRedCommentSelection(int col);
      /// called for RGB Paint Green comment display
      void rgbPaintGreenCommentSelection(int col);
      /// called for RGB Paint Blue comment display
      void rgbPaintBlueCommentSelection(int col);
      /// called for RGB Paint Red histogram display
      void rgbPaintRedHistogramSelection(int col);
      /// called for RGB Paint Green histogram display
      void rgbPaintGreenHistogramSelection(int col);
      /// called for RGB Paint Blue histogram display
      void rgbPaintBlueHistogramSelection(int col);
      /// called when an RGB Paint display mode selected
      void rgbDisplayModeSelection(int itemNumber);

      /// called when a surface shape file column is selected
      void shapeColumnSelection(int col);
      /// update shape min/max mapping settings
      void updateShapeMinMaxMappingSettings();
      /// called when a surface shape column ? is selected
      void surfaceShapeCommentColumnSelection(int item);
      /// called when a surface shape column metadata M is selected
      void surfaceShapeMetaDataColumnSelection(int item);
      /// called when a surface shape column histogram H is selected
      void surfaceShapeHistogramColumnSelection(int item);
      /// reads the volume selections
      void readVolumeSelections();
      /// reads the volume settings
      void readVolumeSettings();
      /// reads the volume surface outline
      void readVolumeSurfaceOutline();
      /// read the cocomac display page
      void readCocomacDisplayPage();
      /// read the contour main page
      void readContourMainPage();
      /// read the contour class page
      void readContourClassPage();
      /// read the contour color page
      void readContourColorPage();
      /// slot to turn all contour cell classes on
      void contourCellClassAllOn();
      /// slot to turn all contour cell classes off
      void contourCellClassAllOff();
      /// slot to turn all contour cell colors on
      void contourCellColorAllOn();
      /// slot to turn all contour cell colors off
      void contourCellColorAllOff();
      /// read the deformation field page
      void readDeformationFieldPage();
      /// called when borders selected on borders or overlay/underlay surface page
      void showBordersToggleSlot(bool b);
      /// read border main page
      void readBorderMainPage();
      /// read border color page
      void readBorderColorPage();
      /// read border name page
      void readBorderNamePage();
      /// called when border colors All On button is pressed
      void borderColorAllOn();
      /// called when border colors All Off button is pressed
      void borderColorAllOff();
      /// called when border name All On button is pressed
      void borderNameAllOn();
      /// called when border name All Off button is pressed
      void borderNameAllOff();
      /// called when cells selected on cells page or overlay/underlay surface page
      void showCellsToggleSlot(bool b);
      /// read the cell main page
      void readCellMainPage();
      /// read the cell color page
      void readCellColorPage();
      /// read the cell class page
      void readCellClassPage();
      /// read the misc selections
      void readMiscSelections();
      /// read the surface and volume selections
      void readSurfaceAndVolumeSelections();
      /// called when cell class All On button is pressed
      void cellClassAllOn();
      /// called when cell class All Off button is pressed
      void cellClassAllOff();
      /// called when cell colors All On button is pressed
      void cellColorAllOn();
      /// called when cell colors All Off button is pressed
      void cellColorAllOff();
      /// called when foci selected on foci page or overlay/underlay surface page
      void showFociToggleSlot(bool b);
      /// called when foci in search toggled
      void showFociInSearchToggleSlot(bool);
      /// called when foci color mode changed
      void slotFociColorModeComboBox(int i);
      /// read the foci main page
      void readFociMainPage(const bool updateDisplay = true);
      /// read the foci class page
      void readFociClassPage(const bool updateDisplay = true);
      /// read the foci color page
      void readFociColorPage(const bool updateDisplay = true);
      /// read the foci keyword page
      void readFociKeywordPage(const bool updateDisplay = true);
      /// read the foci name page
      void readFociNamePage(const bool updateDisplay = true);
      /// read the foci search page
      void readFociSearchPage(const bool updateDisplay = true);
      /// read the foci table page
      void readFociTablePage(const bool updateDisplay = true);
      /// called when foci class All On button is pressed
      void fociClassAllOn();
      /// called when foci class All Off button is pressed
      void fociClassAllOff();
      /// called when foci class update button is pressed
      void fociClassUpdateButtonPressed();
      /// called when foci colors All On button is pressed
      void fociColorAllOn();
      /// called when foci colors All Off button is pressed
      void fociColorAllOff();
      /// called when foci color update button is pressed
      void fociColorUpdateButtonPressed();
      /// called when foci names All On button is pressed
      void fociNamesAllOn();
      /// called when foci names All Off button is pressed
      void fociNamesAllOff();
      /// called when foci name update button is pressed
      void fociNamesUpdateButtonPressed();
      /// called when foci keywords All On button is pressed
      void fociKeywordsAllOn();
      /// called when foci keywords All Off button is pressed
      void fociKeywordsAllOff();
      /// called when foci keywords or tables Update button is pressed
      void fociKeywordsAndTablesUpdate();
      /// called when foci tables All On button is pressed
      void fociTablesAllOn();
      /// called when foci tables All Off button is pressed
      void fociTablesAllOff();
      /// read the geodesic page
      void readGeodesicSelections();
      /// read the lat lon page
      void readLatLonSelections();
      /// read the metric misc page
      void readMetricMiscellaneousPage();

      /// read the metric selection page
      void readMetricSelectionPage();
      /// read metric L-to-L, R-to-R
      void readMetricL2LR2R();
      /// read the metric settings page
      void readMetricSettingsPage();
      /// called when metric threshold setting column combo box value changed
      void slotUpateMetricThresholdSettingValues();
      /// read the region selections
      void readRegionSelections();
      /// read rgb paint L-to-L, R-to-R
      void readRgbPaintL2LR2R();
      /// read the rgb paint main page
      void readRgbPaintPageMain();
      /// read the rgb paint selection page
      void readRgbPaintPageSelection();
      /// read the surface shape selections
      void readShapeSelections();
      /// read the surface shape settings
      void readShapeSettings();
      /// read the shape L-to-L, R-to-R
      void readShapeL2LR2R();
      /// read the scene selections
      void readSceneSelections();
      /// called when surface shape color map selected
      void shapeColorMapSelection(int mapNumber);
      /// called when surface shape histogram button pressed
      void surfaceShapeHistogram();
      /// create and update the surface shape selections
      void createAndUpdateSurfaceShapeSelections();

      /// read the topography selections
      void readTopographySelections();
      /// called when a type of topography is selected
      void topographyTypeSelection(int typeSelected);

      /// read the vector settings page
      void readVectorSettingsPage();

      /// read the vector selection page
      void readVectorSelectionPage();

      /// read the probabilistic atlas surface main page
      void readProbAtlasSurfaceMainPage();
      /// read the probabilistic atlas surface channel page
      void readProbAtlasSurfaceChannelPage();
      /// called to set prob atlas surface study metadata link
      void volumeProbAtlasSurfaceStudyMetaDataPushButton();
      /// read the probabilistic atlas surface area page
      void readProbAtlasSurfaceAreaPage();
      /// read the prob atlas L-to-L, R-to-R
      void readProbAtlasSurfaceL2LR2R();
      /// called when a prob atlas surface display mode selection is made
      void probAtlasSurfaceModeSelection(int num);
      ///  called when prob atlas surface all on channel button is pressed
      void probAtlasSurfaceChannelAllOn();
      ///  called when prob atlas surface all off channel button is pressed
      void probAtlasSurfaceChannelAllOff();
      ///  called when prob atlas surface all on areas button is pressed
      void probAtlasSurfaceAreasAllOn();
      ///  called when prob atlas surface all off areas button is pressed
      void probAtlasSurfaceAreasAllOff();
      /// read the probabilistic Volume main page
      void readProbAtlasVolumeMainPage();
      /// read the probabilistic Volume area page
      void readProbAtlasVolumeAreaPage();
      /// read the probabilistic Volumechannel page
      void readProbAtlasVolumeChannelPage();
      /// called when a prob atlas Volume display mode selection is made
      void probAtlasVolumeModeSelection(int num);
      ///  called when prob atlas Volume all on channel button is pressed
      void probAtlasVolumeChannelAllOn();
      ///  called when prob atlas Volume all off channel button is pressed
      void probAtlasVolumeChannelAllOff();
      ///  called when prob atlas Volume all on areas button is pressed
      void probAtlasVolumeAreasAllOn();
      ///  called when prob atlas volume all off areas button is pressed
      void probAtlasVolumeAreasAllOff();
      /// read the image selections
      void readImagesSelections();
      /// called to read model main page items from dialog
      void readModelMainPage();

      /// called to read model main page items from dialog
      void readModelSettingsPage();

      /// called when all models on pushbutton pressed
      void slotModelsAllOn();
      /// called when all models off pushbutton pressed
      void slotModelsAllOff();

      /// read section page
      void readSectionMainPage();
      /// read paint main page
      void readPaintMainPageSelections();
      /// called to read paint items in the dialog
      void readPaintColumnSelections();  
      /// called to read paint L-to-L, R-to-R
      void readPaintL2LR2R();  
      /// called to read paint name selections
      void readPaintNameSelections();
      /// called when paint name all on button is pressed
      void slotPaintNamesAllOnPushButton();
      /// called when paint name all off button is pressed
      void slotPaintNamesAllOffPushButton();

      /// read surface clipping page
      void readSurfaceClippingPage();
      /// volume animate direction
         /// increment slices
         /// decrement slices
      /// override of parent method
      virtual void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent* re);
      /// context menu event
      void contextMenuEvent(QContextMenuEvent* e);
      /// override of sizeHint (limits width of dialog but user can stretch)
      //virtual QSize sizeHint() const;
      /// update the data validity flag
      void updateDataValidityFlags();
      /// update volume selection page
      void updateVolumeSelectionPage();
      /// update volume settings page
      void updateVolumeSettingsPage();
      /// update volume surface outline page
      void updateVolumeSurfaceOutlinePage();
      /// Update the page selection combo box based upon enabled pages.
      void updatePageSelectionComboBox();

      /// create overlay/underlay surface page new
      void createOverlayUnderlaySurfacePageNew();
      /// create the cocomac display sub page
      void createCocomacDisplayPage();
      /// create the cocomac file info sub page
      void createCocomacFileInformationPage();
      /// create the contour main page
      void createContourMainPage();
      /// create the contour class page
      void createContourClassPage();
      /// create the contour color page
      void createContourColorPage();
      /// create and update contour cell class buttons
      void createAndUpdateContourCellClassCheckBoxes();
      /// create and update contour color class buttons
      void createAndUpdateContourCellColorCheckBoxes();
      /// create the surface and volume page
      void createSurfaceAndVolumePage();
      /// create the surface misc page
      void createSurfaceMiscPage();
      /// create the probabilistic atlas surface main sub page
      void createProbAtlasSurfaceMainPage();
      /// create the probabilistic atlas surface area sub page
      void createProbAtlasSurfaceAreaPage();
      /// create the probabilistic atlas surface channel sub page
      void createProbAtlasSurfaceChannelPage();
      /// create and update the check boxes for prob atlas surface channels
      void createAndUpdateProbAtlasSurfaceChannelCheckBoxes();
      /// create and update the check boxes for prob atlas  surface
      void createAndUpdateProbAtlasSurfaceAreaNameCheckBoxes();
      /// create the probabilistic atlas volume main sub page
      void createProbAtlasVolumeMainPage();
      /// create the probabilistic atlas volume area sub page
      void createProbAtlasVolumeAreaPage();
      /// create the probabilistic atlas volume channel sub page
      void createProbAtlasVolumeChannelPage();
      /// create and update the check boxes for prob atlas volume channels
      void createAndUpdateProbAtlasVolumeChannelCheckBoxes();
      /// create and update the check boxes for prob atlas volume 
      void createAndUpdateProbAtlasVolumeAreaNameCheckBoxes();
      /// create the topography page
      void createTopographyPage();
      /// create the rgb paint main page
      void createRgbPaintMainPage();
      /// create the rgb paint selection page
      void createRgbPaintSelectionPage();
      /// create the geodesic page
      void createGeodesicPage();
      /// create and update the geodesic page
      void createAndUpdateGeodesicPage();

      /// create the vector selection page
      void createVectorSelectionPage();

      /// create the vector settings page
      void createVectorSettingsPage();

      /// create the lat/lon page
      void createLatLonPage();
      /// create and update the lat/lon page
      void createAndUpdateLatLonPage();
      /// create the scene page
      void createScenePage();
      /// get the selected scenes
      std::vector<int> getSelectedScenes() const;
      /// set the selected scene
      void setSelectedSceneItem(const int item);
      /// create the region page
      void createRegionPage();
      /// create the metric selections page
      void createMetricSelectionPage();
      /// create the metric settings page
      void createMetricSettingsPage();
      /// create and update metric selection page
      void createAndUpdateMetricSelectionPage();
      /// create the metric miscellaneous page
      void createMetricMiscellaneousPage();
      /// create the shape settings page
      void createShapeSettingsPage();
      /// create the shape selection page
      void createShapeSelectionPage();
      /// read shape color mapping min/max
      void readShapeColorMapping();

      /// create the border main sub page
      void createBorderMainPage();
      /// create the border name sub page
      void createBorderNamePage();
      /// create the border color sub page
      void createBorderColorPage();
      /// create and update border color toggles section
      void createAndUpdateBorderColorCheckBoxes();
      /// create and update border name toggles section
      void createAndUpdateBorderNameCheckBoxes();
      /// create the cell main sub page
      void createCellMainPage();
      /// create the cell class page
      void createCellClassPage();
      /// create the cell color page
      void createCellColorPage();
      /// create and update cell class toggles section
      void createAndUpdateCellClassCheckBoxes();
      /// create and update cell color toggles section
      void createAndUpdateCellColorCheckBoxes();
      /// create the deformation field page
      void createDeformationFieldPage();
      /// create the foci main sub page
      void createFociMainPage();
      /// create the foci class page
      void createFociClassPage();
      /// create the foci color page
      void createFociColorPage();
      /// create the foci name page
      void createFociNamePage();
      /// create the foci keywords page
      void createFociKeywordPage();
      /// create foci search page
      void createFociSearchPage();
      /// create the foci tables page
      void createFociTablePage();
      /// create and update foci class toggles section
      void createAndUpdateFociClassCheckBoxes();
      /// create and update foci color toggles section
      void createAndUpdateFociColorCheckBoxes();
      /// create and update foci keywords toggles section
      void createAndUpdateFociKeywordCheckBoxes();
      /// create and update foci names toggles section
      void createAndUpdateFociNamesCheckBoxes();
      /// create and update foci table toggles section
      void createAndUpdateFociTableCheckBoxes();
      /// create the overlay underlay volume setttings page
      void createOverlayUnderlayVolumeSettingsPage();
      /// create the overlay underlay volume selection page
      void createOverlayUnderlayVolumeSelectionPage();
      /// create the overlay underlay volume surface outline page
      void createOverlayUnderlayVolumeSurfaceOutlinePage();
      /// create the images page
      void createImagesPage();
      /// create the models main page
      void createModelsMainPage();
      /// create and update the models main page
      void createAndUpdateModelsMainPage();
      /// create the model settings page
      void createModelsSettingsPage();
      /// create the section main page
      void createSectionMainPage();
      /// create the paint column page
      void createPaintColumnPage();
      /// create and update the paint columns
      void createAndUpdatePaintColumnPage();
      /// create the paint name page
      void createPaintNamePage();
      /// create and update the paint names
      void createAndUpdatePaintNamePage();
      /// create the paint main page
      void createPaintMainPage();
      /// Create a surface model combo box
      void createSurfaceModelIndexComboBox();

      /// create the areal estimation page.
      void createArealEstimationPage();

      /// Create and update the areal estimation page.
      void createAndUpdateArealEstimationPage();

      /// Create the surface clipping page
      void createSurfaceClippingPage();

      /// update the surface clipping page
      void updateSurfaceClippingPage();

      /// Update the surface model combo box
      void updateSurfaceModelComboBoxes();

      // display left-to-left right-to-right message
      void displayOverlayLeftToLeftRightToRightMessage();
      /// enumerated types for pages
01176       enum PAGE_NAME {
      /// get the name of a page
      QString getPageName(const PAGE_NAME pageName) const;
      /// show a display control page
      void showDisplayControlPage(const PAGE_NAME pageName,
                                  const bool updatePagesVisited);
      /// initialize the overlay for control be a page
      void initializeSelectedOverlay(const PAGE_NAME pageName);
      /// update the overlay number combo box
      void updateOverlayNumberComboBox();
      /// default size for this dialog
01248       QSize dialogDefaultSize;
      /// page selection combo box
01251       QComboBox* pageComboBox;
      /// page back tool button
01254       QToolButton* pageBackToolButton;
      /// page forward tool button
01257       QToolButton* pageForwardToolButton;
      /// tracks pages as they are visited
01260       std::vector<PAGE_NAME> pagesVisited;
      /// current index in pages visited
01263       int pagesVisitedIndex;
      /// items for page combo box
01266       std::vector<PAGE_NAME> pageComboBoxItems;
      /// page widget stack
01269       QStackedWidget* pageWidgetStack;
      /// scroll area for widget stack
01272       QScrollArea* widgetStackScrollArea;
      /// pop up a text area dialog about a data type
      void displayDataInfoDialog(const QString& title, const QString& info);
      /// text area dialog for data info
01278       QtTextEditDialog* dataInfoDialog;
      /// flag used when creating the dialog to prevent some problems
01281       bool creatingDialog;
      /// new overlay/underlay surface page
01284       QWidget* pageOverlayUnderlaySurfaceNew;
      /// overlay/underlay surface widgets
01287       std::vector<GuiDisplayControlSurfaceOverlayWidget*> surfaceOverlayUnderlayWidgets;

      /// misc page
01290       QWidget* pageSurfaceMisc;
      /// prob atlas surface coloring to corresponding structures
01293       QCheckBox* probAtlasSurfaceApplySelectionToLeftAndRightStructuresFlagCheckBox;
      /// prob atlas surface main page
01296       QWidget* pageProbAtlasSurfaceMain;
      /// prob atlas surface channel page
01299       QWidget* pageProbAtlasSurfaceChannel;
      /// prob atlas surface channel sub page layout
01302       QVBoxLayout* probAtlasSurfaceSubPageChannelLayout;
      /// prob atlas surface area page
01305       QWidget* pageProbAtlasSurfaceArea;
      /// prob atlas surface area sub page layout
01308       QVBoxLayout* probAtlasSurfaceSubPageAreaLayout;
      /// prob atlas surface normal mode button
01311       QRadioButton* probAtlasSurfaceNormalButton;
      /// prob atlas surface threshold mode button
01314       QRadioButton* probAtlasSurfaceThresholdButton;
      /// prob atlas surface ??? as Unassigned button
01317       QCheckBox* probAtlasSurfaceUnassignedButton;
      /// number of prob atlas surface channel checkboxes being used
01320       int numValidProbAtlasSurfaceChannels;
      /// layout for probAtlasSurfaceChannelQVBox
01323       QGridLayout* probAtlasSurfaceChannelGridLayout;
      /// prob atlas surface channel button group
01326       QButtonGroup* probAtlasSurfaceChannelButtonGroup;
      /// prob atlas surface channel checkboxes
01329       std::vector<QCheckBox*> probAtlasSurfaceChannelCheckBoxes;
      /// number of prob atlas surface areas checkboxes being used
01332       int numValidProbAtlasSurfaceAreas;
      /// layout for probAtlasSurfaceAreasQVBox
01335       QGridLayout* probAtlasSurfaceAreasGridLayout;
      /// prob atlas surface areas button group
01338       QButtonGroup* probAtlasSurfaceAreasButtonGroup;
      /// prob atlas surface areas checkboxes
01341       std::vector<QCheckBox*> probAtlasSurfaceAreasCheckBoxes;
      /// prob atlas surface threshold display type ratio float spin box
01344       QDoubleSpinBox* probAtlasSurfaceThresholdRatioDoubleSpinBox;

      /// prob atlas volume main page
01347       QWidget* pageProbAtlasVolumeMain;
      /// prob atlas volume channel page
01350       QWidget* pageProbAtlasVolumeChannel;
      /// prob atlas volume channel sub page layout
01353       QVBoxLayout* probAtlasVolumeSubPageChannelLayout;
      /// prob atlas volume area sub page
01356       QWidget* pageProbAtlasVolumeArea;
      /// prob atlas volume area sub page
01359       QVBoxLayout* probAtlasVolumeSubPageAreaLayout;
      /// prob atlas volume normal mode button
01362       QRadioButton* probAtlasVolumeNormalButton;
      /// prob atlas volume threshold mode button
01365       QRadioButton* probAtlasVolumeThresholdButton;
      /// prob atlas volume ??? as Unassigned button
01368       QCheckBox* probAtlasVolumeUnassignedButton;
      /// number of prob atlas volume channel checkboxes being used
01371       int numValidProbAtlasVolumeChannels;
      /// layout for probAtlasVolumeChannelQVBox
01374       QGridLayout* probAtlasVolumeChannelGridLayout;
      /// prob atlas volume channel button group
01377       QButtonGroup* probAtlasVolumeChannelButtonGroup;
      /// prob atlas volume channel checkboxes
01380       std::vector<QCheckBox*> probAtlasVolumeChannelCheckBoxes;
      /// number of prob atlas volume areas checkboxes being used
01383       int numValidProbAtlasVolumeAreas;
      /// layout for probAtlasVolumeAreasQVBox
01386       QGridLayout* probAtlasVolumeAreasGridLayout;
      /// prob atlas volume areas button group
01389       QButtonGroup* probAtlasVolumeAreasButtonGroup;
      /// prob atlas volume areas checkboxes
01392       std::vector<QCheckBox*> probAtlasVolumeAreasCheckBoxes;
      /// prob atlas volume threshold display type ratio float spin box
01395       QDoubleSpinBox* probAtlasVolumeThresholdRatioDoubleSpinBox;

      /// topography page
01398       QWidget* pageTopography;
      /// rgb paint main page
01401       QWidget* pageRgbPaintMain;
      /// widget group for rgb paint main page
01404       WuQWidgetGroup* pageRgbPaintMainWidgetGroup;
      /// rgb selection page grid layout
01407       QGridLayout* rgbSelectionPageGridLayout;
      /// widget group for each row in RGB selection
01410       std::vector<WuQWidgetGroup*> rgbSelectionRowWidgetGroup;
      /// rgb selection page radio buttons
01413       std::vector<QRadioButton*> rgbSelectionRadioButtons;
      /// rgb selection column name line edits
01416       std::vector<QLineEdit*> rgbSelectionNameLineEdits;
      /// rgb selection button group for column selection
01419       QButtonGroup* rgbSelectionRadioButtonsButtonGroup;
      /// rgb selection red comment button group
01422       QButtonGroup* rgbSelectionRedCommentButtonGroup;
      /// rgb selection green comment button group
01425       QButtonGroup* rgbSelectionGreenCommentButtonGroup;
      /// rgb selection blue comment button group
01428       QButtonGroup* rgbSelectionBlueCommentButtonGroup;
      /// rgb selection red histogram button group
01431       QButtonGroup* rgbSelectionRedHistogramButtonGroup;
      /// rgb selection green histogram button group
01434       QButtonGroup* rgbSelectionGreenHistogramButtonGroup;
      /// rgb selection blue histogram button group
01437       QButtonGroup* rgbSelectionBlueHistogramButtonGroup;
      /// rgb paint selection page
01440       QWidget* pageRgbPaintSelection;
      /// rgb red selection checkbox
01443       QCheckBox* rgbRedCheckBox;
      /// rgb red threshold double spin box
01446       QDoubleSpinBox* rgbRedThreshDoubleSpinBox;
      /// rgb green selection checkbox
01449       QCheckBox* rgbGreenCheckBox;
      /// rgb green threshold double spin box
01452       QDoubleSpinBox* rgbGreenThreshDoubleSpinBox;
      /// rgb blue selection checkbox
01455       QCheckBox* rgbBlueCheckBox;
      /// rgb blue threshold double spin box
01458       QDoubleSpinBox* rgbBlueThreshDoubleSpinBox;
      /// rgb positive only radio button
01461       QRadioButton* rgbPositiveOnlyRadioButton;
      /// rgb negative only radio button
01464       QRadioButton* rgbNegativeOnlyRadioButton;
      /// rgb apply coloring to corresponding structures
01467       QCheckBox* rgbApplySelectionToLeftAndRightStructuresFlagCheckBox;
      /// topography display type eccentricity radio button;
01470       QRadioButton* topographyTypeEccentricityRadioButton;
      /// topography display type polar angle radio button;
01473       QRadioButton* topographyPolarAngleRadioButton;
      /// shape min/max column selection label
01476       GuiNodeAttributeColumnSelectionComboBox* shapeMinMaxColumnSelectionComboBox;
      /// surface shape minimum label
01479       QLabel* shapeViewMinimumLabel;
      /// surface shape maximum lable
01482       QLabel* shapeViewMaximumLabel;
      /// surface shape minimum color mapping
01485       QDoubleSpinBox* shapeMinimumMappingDoubleSpinBox;
      /// surface shape maximum color mapping
01488       QDoubleSpinBox* shapeMaximumMappingDoubleSpinBox;
      /// surfaced shape gray color map radio button
01491       QRadioButton* shapeColorMapGrayRadioButton;
      /// surfaced shape orange-yellow color map radio button
01494       QRadioButton* shapeColorMapOrangeYellowRadioButton;
      /// surfaced shape palette color map radio button
01497       QRadioButton* shapeColorMapPaletteRadioButton;
      /// shape apply coloring to corresponding structures
01500       QCheckBox* shapeApplySelectionToLeftAndRightStructuresFlagCheckBox;
      /// combo box for palette selection
01503       QComboBox* shapeColorMapPaletteComboBox;
      /// shape interpolate palette colors
01506       QCheckBox* shapeColorMapInterpolatePaletteCheckBox;
      /// button group for color map selections
01509       QButtonGroup* palColorMapButtonGroup;
      /// surface shape display color bar
01512       QCheckBox* shapeDisplayColorBarCheckBox;
      /// shape node id uncertainty combo box
01515       GuiNodeAttributeColumnSelectionComboBox* shapeNodeIdDeviationComboBox;
      /// shape Node ID Deviation Group Box
01518       QGroupBox* shapeNodeIdDeviationGroupBox;
      /// number of valid surface shape columns
01521       int numValidSurfaceShape;
      /// shape page for selections
01524       QWidget* pageSurfaceShapeSelections;

      /// shape page for settings
01527       QWidget* pageSurfaceShapeSettings;
      /// widget group for shape settings page
01530       WuQWidgetGroup* pageSurfaceShapeSettingsWidgetGroup;
      /// layout for shape sub page selections
01533       QVBoxLayout* surfaceShapeSubSelectionsLayout;
      /// layout for surface shape selection
01536       QGridLayout* surfaceShapeSelectionGridLayout;
      /// surface shape view radio button group
01539       QButtonGroup* surfaceShapeViewButtonGroup;
      /// surface shape comment push button group
01542       QButtonGroup* surfaceShapeCommentButtonGroup;

      /// surface shape metadata push button group
01545       QButtonGroup* surfaceShapeMetaDataButtonGroup;
      /// surface shape histogram push button group
01548       QButtonGroup* surfaceShapeHistogramButtonGroup;
      /// surface shape column number labels
01551       std::vector<QLabel*> surfaceShapeColumnNumberLabels;
      //// surface shape view radio buttons
      std::vector<QRadioButton*> surfaceShapeViewRadioButtons;
      /// surface shape comment push buttons
01557       std::vector<QToolButton*> surfaceShapeColumnCommentPushButtons;
      /// surface shape selection metadata push buttons
01560       std::vector<QToolButton*> surfaceShapeColumnMetaDataPushButtons;
      /// surface shape selection histogram push buttons
01563       std::vector<QToolButton*> surfaceShapeColumnHistogramPushButtons;
      /// surface shape name line edits
01566       std::vector<QLineEdit*> surfaceShapeColumnNameLineEdits;
      /// metric misc page
01569       QWidget* pageMetricMiscellaneous;
      /// updating metric misc page
01572       bool updatingMetricMiscPageFlag;

      /// metric selection page
01575       QWidget* pageMetricSelection;
      /// layout for metric sub page selections
01578       QVBoxLayout* metricSubPageSelectionsLayout;
      /// metric settings page
01581       QWidget* pageMetricSettings;
      /// widget group for metric settings page
01584       WuQWidgetGroup* pageMetricSettingsWidgetGroup;
      /// layout for metric selections
01587       QGridLayout* metricSelectionGridLayout;
      /// metric apply coloring to corresponding structures
01590       QCheckBox* metricApplySelectionToLeftAndRightStructuresFlagCheckBox;
      /// metric selection column labels
01593       std::vector<QLabel*> metricColumnNumberLabels;
      /// metric selection view radio buttons
01596       std::vector<QRadioButton*> metricViewRadioButtons;
      /// metric selection threshold radio buttons
01599       std::vector<QRadioButton*> metricThresholdRadioButtons;
      /// metric selection comment push buttons
01602       std::vector<QToolButton*> metricColumnCommentPushButtons;
      /// metric selection metadata push buttons
01605       std::vector<QToolButton*> metricColumnMetaDataPushButtons;
      /// metric selection histogram push buttons
01608       std::vector<QToolButton*> metricColumnHistogramPushButtons;
      /// metric selection line edits
01611       std::vector<QLineEdit*> metricColumnNameLineEdits;
      /// number of valid metrics
01614       int numValidMetrics;
      /// metric view radio button group
01617       QButtonGroup* metricViewButtonGroup;
      /// metric threshold radio button group
01620       QButtonGroup* metricThresholdButtonGroup;
      /// metric comment push button group
01623       QButtonGroup* metricCommentButtonGroup;
      /// metric metadata push button group
01626       QButtonGroup* metricMetaDataButtonGroup;
      /// metric histogram push button group
01629       QButtonGroup* metricHistogramButtonGroup;
      /// metric display mode positiveradio button
01632       QRadioButton* metricDisplayModePositiveRadioButton;
      /// metric display mode negative radio button
01635       QRadioButton* metricDisplayModeNegativeRadioButton;
      /// metric display mode both radio button
01638       QRadioButton* metricDisplayModeBothRadioButton;
      /// metric positive threshold value
01641       QDoubleSpinBox* metricThresholdColumnPositiveDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric negative threshold value
01644       QDoubleSpinBox* metricThresholdColumnNegativeDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric average positive threshold value
01647       QDoubleSpinBox* metricThresholdAveragePositiveDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric average negative threshold value
01650       QDoubleSpinBox* metricThresholdAverageNegativeDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric user positive threshold value
01653       QDoubleSpinBox* metricThresholdUserPositiveDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric user negative threshold value
01656       QDoubleSpinBox* metricThresholdUserNegativeDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric threshold type combo box
01659       QComboBox* metricThresholdTypeComboBox;
      /// show thresholded regions check box
01662       QCheckBox* metricShowThresholdedRegionsCheckBox;
      /// metric threshold setting column selection combo box
01665       GuiNodeAttributeColumnSelectionComboBox* metricThresholdSettingColumnSelectionComboBox;
      /// metric animate spin box
01668       QSpinBox* metricAnimateSpinBox;
      /// metric popup graph on node ID
01671       QComboBox* metricGraphPopupComboBox;
      /// metric popup graph manual scaling
01674       QCheckBox* metricGraphManualScaleCheckBox;
      /// metric popup graph manual scaling min value float spin box
01677       QDoubleSpinBox* metricGraphManualScaleMinDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric popup graph manual scaling max value float spin box
01680       QDoubleSpinBox* metricGraphManualScaleMaxDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric color mapping positive max
01683       QDoubleSpinBox* metricColorPositiveMaxDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric color mapping positive min
01686       QDoubleSpinBox* metricColorPositiveMinDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric color mapping negative max
01689       QDoubleSpinBox* metricColorNegativeMaxDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric color mapping negative min
01692       QDoubleSpinBox* metricColorNegativeMinDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric color mapping percentage positive max
01695       QDoubleSpinBox* metricColorPercentagePositiveMaxDoubleSpinBox;

      /// metric color mapping percentage  positive min
01698       QDoubleSpinBox* metricColorPercentagePositiveMinDoubleSpinBox;

      /// metric color mapping percentage  negative max
01701       QDoubleSpinBox* metricColorPercentageNegativeMaxDoubleSpinBox;

      /// metric color mapping percentage  negative min
01704       QDoubleSpinBox* metricColorPercentageNegativeMinDoubleSpinBox;
      /// metric specified column scaling selection control
01706       GuiNodeAttributeColumnSelectionComboBox* metricFileAutoScaleSpecifiedColumnSelectionComboBox;

      /// metric color mapping metric file auto scale radio button
01709       QRadioButton* metricFileAutoScaleRadioButton;
      /// metric color mapping metric file auto scale percentage radio button
01712       QRadioButton* metricFileAutoScalePercentageRadioButton;

      /// metric color mapping metric file specified column radio button
01715       QRadioButton* metricFileAutoScaleSpecifiedColumnRadioButton;
      /// metric file color mapping function volume auto scale radio button
01718       QRadioButton* metricFuncVolumeAutoScaleRadioButton;
      /// metric color mapping user scale radio button
01721       QRadioButton* metricUserScaleRadioButton;
      /// metric interpolate checkbox
01724       QCheckBox* metricColorInterpolateCheckBox;
      /// metric palette combo box
01727       QComboBox* metricPaletteComboBox;
      /// metric palette display color bar
01730       QCheckBox* metricDisplayColorBarCheckBox;

      /// border main page
01733       QWidget* pageBorderMain;
      /// border main page widget group (all widgets on foci main page)
01736       WuQWidgetGroup* pageBorderMainWidgetGroup;
      /// border color page
01739       QWidget* pageBorderColor;
      /// border color page widget group (all widgets on foci main page)
01742       WuQWidgetGroup* pageBorderColorWidgetGroup;
      /// border color sub page layout
01745       QVBoxLayout* borderSubPageColorLayout;
      /// border name page
01748       QWidget* pageBorderName;
      /// border name page widget group (all widgets on foci main page)
01751       WuQWidgetGroup* pageBorderNameWidgetGroup;
      /// layout for border name sub page
01754       QVBoxLayout* borderSubPageNameLayout;
      /// border name button group
01757       QButtonGroup* borderNameButtonGroup;
      /// layout for borderNameQVBox
01760       QGridLayout* borderNameGridLayout;
      /// border name checkboxes
01763       std::vector<QCheckBox*> borderNameCheckBoxes;
      /// border names associated with checkboxes
01766       std::vector<QString> borderNames;
      /// number of border names/checkboxes being used
01769       int numValidBorderNames;
      /// border color button group
01772       QButtonGroup* borderColorButtonGroup;
      /// layout for borderColorQVBox
01775       QGridLayout* borderColorGridLayout;
      /// border color checkboxes
01778       std::vector<QCheckBox*> borderColorCheckBoxes;
      /// border color checkboxes color indices
01781       std::vector<int> borderColorCheckBoxesColorIndex;
      /// number of border color check boxes being used
01784       int numValidBorderColors;
      /// cell main page
01787       QWidget* pageCellsMain;
      /// cell main page widget group
01790       WuQWidgetGroup* pageCellsMainWidgetGroup;
      /// cell color page
01793       QWidget* pageCellsColor;
      /// cell color page widget group
01796       WuQWidgetGroup* pageCellsColorWidgetGroup;
      /// cell color sub page layout
01799       QVBoxLayout* cellSubPageColorLayout;
      /// cell class page
01802       QWidget* pageCellsClass;
      /// cell class page widget group
01805       WuQWidgetGroup* pageCellsClassWidgetGroup;
      /// cell class sub page layout
01808       QVBoxLayout* cellSubPageClassLayout;
      /// cell class button group
01811       QButtonGroup* cellClassButtonGroup;
      /// layout for cellClassQVBox
01814       QGridLayout* cellColorGridLayout;
      /// cell class checkboxes
01817       std::vector<QCheckBox*> cellClassCheckBoxes;
      /// cell class checkboxes class index
01820       std::vector <int> cellClassCheckBoxesClassIndex;
      /// cell color button group
01823       QButtonGroup* cellColorButtonGroup;
      /// cell color checkboxes
01826       std::vector<QCheckBox*> cellColorCheckBoxes;
      /// cell color checkboxes color indices
01829       std::vector<int> cellColorCheckBoxesColorIndex;
      /// layout for cellClassQVBox
01832       QGridLayout* cellClassGridLayout;
      /// number of valid cell color checkboxes
01835       int numValidCellColors;
      /// number of valid cell classes
01838       int numValidCellClasses;
      /// foci main page
01841       QWidget* pageFociMain;
      /// foci main page widget group (all widgets on foci main page)
01844       WuQWidgetGroup* pageFociMainWidgetGroup;
      /// foci color page
01847       QWidget* pageFociColor;
      /// foci color page widget group (all widgets on foci color page)
01850       WuQWidgetGroup* pageFociColorWidgetGroup;
      /// foci color sub page layout
01853       QVBoxLayout* fociSubPageColorLayout;
      /// foci class page
01856       QWidget* pageFociClass;
      /// foci class page widget group (all widgets on foci class page)
01859       WuQWidgetGroup* pageFociClassWidgetGroup;
      /// foci class sub page
01862       QVBoxLayout* fociSubPageClassLayout;
      /// foci class button group
01865       QButtonGroup* fociClassButtonGroup;
      /// foci keywords page
01868       QWidget* pageFociKeyword;
      /// foci keywords sub page layout
01871       QVBoxLayout* fociSubPageKeywordsLayout;
      /// foci main keyword widget group (all widgets on foci keywords page)
01874       WuQWidgetGroup* pageFociKeywordsWidgetGroup;
      /// foci keywords grid layout
01877       QGridLayout* fociKeywordGridLayout;
      /// button group for foci keyword checkboxes
01880       QButtonGroup* fociKeywordButtonGroup;
      /// foci keyword checkboxes
01883       std::vector<QCheckBox*> fociKeywordCheckBoxes;
      /// foci keyword checkboxes keyword index
01886       std::vector<int> fociKeywordCheckBoxesKeywordIndex;
      /// number of foci keyword checkboxes show in GUI
01889       int numberOfFociKeywordCheckBoxesShownInGUI;
      /// checkbox to show keywords only for displayed foci
01892       QCheckBox* fociShowKeywordsOnlyForDisplayedFociCheckBox;
      /// foci names page
01895       QWidget* pageFociName;
      /// foci name page widget group (all widgets on foci name page)
01898       WuQWidgetGroup* pageFociNameWidgetGroup;
      /// foci names sub page layout
01901       QVBoxLayout* fociSubPageNamesLayout;
      /// foci names grid layout
01904       QGridLayout* fociNamesGridLayout;
      /// button gropu for foci names checkboxes
01907       QButtonGroup* fociNamesButtonGroup;
      /// foci names checkboxes
01910       std::vector<QCheckBox*> fociNamesCheckBoxes;
      /// foci names checkboxes name indices
01913       std::vector<int> fociNamesCheckBoxesNameIndex;
      /// number of foci name checkboxes show in GUI
01916       int numberOfFociNameCheckBoxesShownInGUI;
      /// checkbox to show names only for displayed foci
01919       QCheckBox* fociShowNamesOnlyForDisplayedFociCheckBox;
      /// foci tables page
01922       QWidget* pageFociTable;
      /// foci tables page widget group (all widgets on foci table page)
01925       WuQWidgetGroup* pageFociTableWidgetGroup;
      /// foci tables sub page layout
01928       QVBoxLayout* fociSubPageTablesLayout;
      /// foci tables grid layout
01931       QGridLayout* fociTablesGridLayout;
      /// button group for foci tables checkboxes
01934       QButtonGroup* fociTablesButtonGroup;
      /// foci table checkboxes
01937       std::vector<QCheckBox*> fociTablesCheckBoxes;
      /// foci table checkboxes table index
01940       std::vector<int> fociTablesCheckBoxesTableIndex;
      /// number of foci table checkboxes show in GUI
01943       int numberOfFociTableCheckBoxesShownInGUI;
      /// checkbox to show tables only for displayed foci
01946       QCheckBox* fociShowTablesOnlyForDisplayedFociCheckBox;
      /// layout for fociColorQVBox
01949       QGridLayout* fociColorGridLayout;
      /// foci class checkboxes
01952       std::vector<QCheckBox*> fociClassCheckBoxes;
      /// foci class checkboxes class index
01955       std::vector<int> fociClassCheckBoxesColorIndex;
      /// number of foci class checkboxes show in GUI
01958       int numberOfFociClassCheckBoxesShownInGUI;
      /// checkbox to show classes only for displayed foci
01961       QCheckBox* fociShowClassesOnlyForDisplayedFociCheckBox;
      /// foci color button group
01964       QButtonGroup* fociColorButtonGroup;
      /// foci color checkboxes
01967       std::vector<QCheckBox*> fociColorCheckBoxes;
      /// foci color checkboxes color index
01970       std::vector<int> fociColorCheckBoxesColorIndex;
      /// number of foci colors checkboxes show in GUI
01973       int numberOfFociColorCheckBoxesShownInGUI;
      /// checkbox to show colors only for displayed foci
01976       QCheckBox* fociShowColorsOnlyForDisplayedFociCheckBox;
      /// layout for fociClassQVBox
01979       QGridLayout* fociClassGridLayout;
      /// number of valid foci color checkboxes
      //int numValidFociColors;
      /// number of valid foci classes
01985       int numValidFociClasses;
      /// display cells without class assignments check box
01988       QCheckBox* fociWithoutClassAssignmentsCheckBox;
      /// display cells without matching color check box
01991       QCheckBox* fociWithoutMatchingColorCheckBox;
      /// display cells without a link to a study with keywords check box
01994       QCheckBox* fociWithoutLinkToStudyWithKeywordsCheckBox;
      /// display cells without a link to a table subheader check box
01997       QCheckBox* fociWithoutLinkToStudyWithTableSubHeaderCheckBox;
      /// the foci search page
02000       QWidget* pageFociSearch;
      /// the foci search widget
02003       GuiFociSearchWidget* fociSearchWidget;
      /// show only foci in search check box
02006       QCheckBox* showFociInSearchCheckBox;
      /// show borders check box
02009       QCheckBox* showBordersCheckBox;
      /// show raised borders check box
02012       QCheckBox* showRaisedBordersCheckBox;
      /// show border uncertainty vectors check box
02015       QCheckBox* showUncertaintyBordersCheckBox;
      /// show border's first link in red check box
02018       QCheckBox* showFirstLinkRedBordersCheckBox;
      /// border draw type combo box
02021       QComboBox* bordersDrawTypeComboBox;
      /// border size spin box
02024       QDoubleSpinBox* borderSizeSpinBox;
      /// border symbol combo box
02027       QComboBox* borderSymbolComboBox;
      /// border opacity
02030       QDoubleSpinBox* borderOpacityDoubleSpinBox;
      /// border stretched lines stretch factor 
02033       QDoubleSpinBox* unstretchedBordersDoubleSpinBox;
      /// override border colors with area colors check box
02036       QCheckBox* overrideBorderWithAreaColorsCheckBox;
      /// show foci check box;
02039       QCheckBox* showFociCheckBox;
      /// show volume foci check box
02042       QCheckBox* showVolumeFociCheckBox;
      /// show raised foci check box
02045       QCheckBox* showRaisedFociCheckBox;
      /// show pasted onto 3D foci check box
02048       QCheckBox* showPastedOnto3DFociCheckBox;
      /// foci symbol override combo box
02051       QComboBox* fociSymbolOverrideComboBox;
      /// foci opacity double spin box
02054       QDoubleSpinBox* fociOpacityDoubleSpinBox;
      /// foci size spin box
02057       QDoubleSpinBox* fociSizeSpinBox;
      /// foci distance spin box
02060       QDoubleSpinBox* fociDistSpinBox;
      /// foci coloring mode combo box
02063       QComboBox* fociColorModeComboBox;
      // show right hemisphere foci
      //QCheckBox* showRightHemisphereFociCheckBox;
      // show left hemisphere foci
      //QCheckBox* showLeftHemisphereFociCheckBox;
      /// show cells on correct hem only
02072       QCheckBox* showCorrectHemisphereCellsCheckBox;
      /// show cells check box;
02075       QCheckBox* showCellsCheckBox;
      /// show volume cells check box;
02078       QCheckBox* showVolumeCellsCheckBox;
      /// show raised cell check box
02081       QCheckBox* showRaisedCellCheckBox;
      /// cell symbol override combo box
02084       QComboBox* cellSymbolOverrideComboBox;
      /// cell opacity
02087       QDoubleSpinBox* cellOpacityDoubleSpinBox;
      /// cell display modes combo box
02090       QComboBox* cellDisplayModeComboBox;
      /// cell size spin box
02093       QDoubleSpinBox* cellSizeSpinBox;
      /// cell distance spin box
02096       QDoubleSpinBox* cellDistSpinBox;
      // show right hemisphere cell
      //QCheckBox* showRightHemisphereCellCheckBox;
      // show left hemisphere cell
      //QCheckBox* showLeftHemisphereCellCheckBox;
      /// show foci on correct hem only
02105       QCheckBox* showCorrectHemisphereFociCheckBox;
      /// active fiducial combo box
02108       GuiBrainModelSelectionComboBox* miscActiveFiducialComboBox;
      /// left fiducial volume interaction fiducial combo box
02111       GuiBrainModelSelectionComboBox* miscLeftFiducialVolumeInteractionComboBox;
      /// right fiducial volume interaction fiducial combo box
02114       GuiBrainModelSelectionComboBox* miscRightFiducialVolumeInteractionComboBox;
      /// cerebellum fiducial volume interaction fiducial combo box
02117       GuiBrainModelSelectionComboBox* miscCerebellumFiducialVolumeInteractionComboBox;
      /// draw mode combo box
02120       QComboBox* miscDrawModeComboBox;
      /// brightness double spin box
02123       QDoubleSpinBox* miscBrightnessDoubleSpinBox;
      /// contrast double spin box
02126       QDoubleSpinBox* miscContrastDoubleSpinBox;
      /// opacity double spin box
02129       QDoubleSpinBox* opacityDoubleSpinBox;
      /// node size spin box
02132       QDoubleSpinBox* miscNodeSizeSpinBox;
      /// link size spin box
02135       QDoubleSpinBox* miscLinkSizeSpinBox;
      /// identify node color combo box
02138       QComboBox* miscIdentifyNodeColorComboBox;
      /// show normals check box
02141       QCheckBox* miscShowNormalsCheckBox;
      /// show total forces check box
02144       QCheckBox* miscTotalForcesCheckBox;
      /// show angular forces check box
02147       QCheckBox* miscAngularForcesCheckBox;
      /// show linear forces check box
02150       QCheckBox* miscLinearForcesCheckBox;
      /// force length float spin box
02153       QDoubleSpinBox* miscForceVectorLengthDoubleSpinBox;
      /// surface axes group box
02156       QGroupBox* miscAxesGroupBox;
      /// surfac misc page widget group
02159       WuQWidgetGroup* surfaceMiscWidgetGroup;
      /// surface axes
02162       QCheckBox* miscAxesShowLettersCheckBox;
      /// surface axes
02165       QCheckBox* miscAxesShowTickMarksCheckBox;
      /// surface axes
02168       QDoubleSpinBox* miscAxesLengthDoubleSpinBox;
      /// surface axes offset
02171       QDoubleSpinBox* miscAxesOffsetDoubleSpinBox[3];
      /// projection combo box
02174       QComboBox* miscProjectionComboBox;
      /// deformation field page
02177       QWidget* pageDeformationField;
      /// deformation field mode combo box
02180       QComboBox* deformationFieldModeComboBox;
      /// deformation field show vectors on identified nodes check box
02183       QCheckBox* deformationFieldShowIdNodesCheckBox;
      /// deformation field sparse distance spin box
02186       QSpinBox* deformationFieldSparseDistanceSpinBox;
      /// deformation field select column combo box
02189       GuiNodeAttributeColumnSelectionComboBox* deformationFieldComboBox;
      /// deformation field show unstretched on flat surface
02192       QCheckBox* deformationFieldShowUnstretchedCheckBox;
      /// deformation field unstretched factor
02195       QDoubleSpinBox* deformationFieldUnstretchedDoubleSpinBox;
      /// Cocomac display page
02198       QWidget* pageCocomacDisplay;
      /// Cocomac file info sub page
02201       QWidget* pageCocomacInformation;
      /// Cocoamc afferent connection  radio button
02204       QRadioButton* cocomacAfferentRadioButton;

      /// Cocoamc efferent connection  radio button
02207       QRadioButton* cocomacEfferentRadioButton;

      /// Cocoamc afferent and efferent connection  radio button
02210       QRadioButton* cocomacAfferentAndEfferentRadioButton;

      /// Cocoamc afferent or efferent connection  radio button
02213       QRadioButton* cocomacAfferentOrEfferentRadioButton;

      /// Cocomac paint column combo box
02216       QComboBox* cocomacPaintColumnComboBox;
      /// Cocomac version label
02219       QLabel* cocomacVersionLabel;
      /// Cocomac export date label
02222       QLabel* cocomacExportDate;
      /// Cocomac data type label
02225       QLabel* cocomacDataType;
      /// Cocomac  text area
02228       QTextEdit* cocomacCommentsTextEdit;
      /// Cocomac  text area
02231       QTextEdit* cocomacProjectionsTextEdit;
      /// Contour main page
02234       QWidget* pageContourMain;
      /// contour cell class sub page
02237       QWidget* pageContourClass;
      /// contour cell class sub page layout
02240       QVBoxLayout* contourSubPageClassLayout;
      /// contour color class sub page
02243       QWidget* pageContourColor;
      /// contour color class sub page layout
02246       QVBoxLayout* contourSubPageColorLayout;
      /// contour draw mode combo box
02249       QComboBox* contourDrawModeComboBox;
      /// contour origin cross check box
02252       QCheckBox* contourOriginCrossCheckBox;
      /// Contour show end points check box
02255       QCheckBox* contourShowEndPointsCheckBox;
      /// Contour point size spin box
02258       QDoubleSpinBox* contourPointSizeSpinBox;
      /// Contour line size spin box
02261       QDoubleSpinBox* contourLineThicknessSpinBox;
      /// contour cell color button group
02264       QButtonGroup* contourCellColorButtonGroup;
      /// layout for contourCellColorQVBox
02267       QGridLayout* contourCellColorGridLayout;
      /// contour cell class button group
02270       QButtonGroup* contourCellClassButtonGroup;
      /// layout for contourCellClassQVBox
02273       QGridLayout* contourCellClassGridLayout;
      /// number of valid contour cell classes
02276       int numValidContourCellClasses;
      /// number of valid contour cell colors
02279       int numValidContourCellColors;

      /// show contour cells check box
02282       QCheckBox* contourShowCellsCheckBox;
      /// contour cell size spin box
02285       QSpinBox* contourCellSizeSpinBox;
      /// contour cell class check boxes
02288       std::vector<QCheckBox*> contourCellClassCheckBoxes;
      /// contour cell color check boxes
02291       std::vector<QCheckBox*> contourCellColorCheckBoxes;
      /// the volume selection page 
02294       QWidget* pageVolumeSelection;
      /// the volume settings page 
02297       QWidget* pageVolumeSettings;
      /// widget group for volume settings page
02300       WuQWidgetGroup* pageVolumeSettingsWidgetGroup;
      /// the volume surface outline page 
02303       QWidget* pageVolumeSurfaceOutline;
      /// widget group for volume surface outline page
02306       WuQWidgetGroup* pageVolumeSurfaceOutlineWidgetGroup;
      /// volume primary overlay none button
02309       QRadioButton* volumePrimaryOverlayNoneButton;
      /// volume secondary overlay none button
02312       QRadioButton* volumeSecondaryOverlayNoneButton;
      /// volume underlay none button
02315       QRadioButton* volumeUnderlayNoneButton;
      /// volume primary overlay anatomy radio button
02318       QRadioButton* volumePrimaryOverlayAnatomyRadioButton;
      /// volume secondary overlay anatomy radio button
02321       QRadioButton* volumeSecondaryOverlayAnatomyRadioButton;
      /// volume underlay radio anatomy button
02324       QRadioButton* volumeUnderlayAnatomyRadioButton;
      /// volume anatomy combo box
02327       QComboBox* volumeAnatomyComboBox;
      /// volume anatomy label
02330       QLabel* volumeAnatomyLabel;
      /// volume functional primary overlay radio button
02333       QRadioButton* volumePrimaryOverlayFunctionalRadioButton;
      /// volume functional overlay secondary overlay radio button
02336       QRadioButton* volumeSecondaryOverlayFunctionalRadioButton;
      /// volume functional underlay radio button
02339       QRadioButton* volumeUnderlayFunctionalRadioButton;
      /// volume functional view combo box
02342       QComboBox* volumeFunctionalViewComboBox;
      /// volume functional threshold combo box
02345       QComboBox* volumeFunctionalThresholdComboBox;
      /// volume functional view label
02348       QLabel* volumeFunctionalViewLabel;
      /// volume functional threshold label
02351       QLabel* volumeFunctionalThresholdLabel;
      /// volume paint primary overlay radio button
02354       QRadioButton* volumePrimaryOverlayPaintRadioButton;
      /// volume paint secondary overlay radio button
02357       QRadioButton* volumeSecondaryOverlayPaintRadioButton;
      /// volume paint underlay radio button
02360       QRadioButton* volumeUnderlayPaintRadioButton;
      /// volume paint combo box
02363       QComboBox* volumePaintComboBox;
      /// volume paint label
02366       QLabel* volumePaintLabel;
      /// volume prob atlas primary overlay radio button
02369       QRadioButton* volumePrimaryOverlayProbAtlasRadioButton;
      /// volume prob atlas secondary overlay radio button
02372       QRadioButton* volumeSecondaryOverlayProbAtlasRadioButton;
      /// volume prob atlas underlay radio button
02375       QRadioButton* volumeUnderlayProbAtlasRadioButton;
      /// volume prob atlas label
02378       QLabel* volumeProbAtlasLabel;

      /// volume rgb primary overlay radio button
02381       QRadioButton* volumePrimaryOverlayRgbRadioButton;
      /// volume rgb secondary overlay radio button
02384       QRadioButton* volumeSecondaryOverlayRgbRadioButton;
      /// volume rgb underlay radio button
02387       QRadioButton* volumeUnderlayRgbRadioButton;
      /// volume rgb combo box
02390       QComboBox* volumeRgbComboBox;
      /// volume rgb label
02393       QLabel* volumeRgbLabel;
      /// volume segementation primary overlay radio button
02396       QRadioButton* volumePrimaryOverlaySegmentationRadioButton;
      /// volume segementation secondary overlay radio button
02399       QRadioButton* volumeSecondaryOverlaySegmentationRadioButton;
      /// volume segementation underlay radio button
02402       QRadioButton* volumeUnderlaySegmentationRadioButton;
      /// volume segementation combo box
02405       QComboBox* volumeSegmentationComboBox;
      /// volume segmentation transparency
02408       QDoubleSpinBox* volumeSegmentationTranslucencyDoubleSpinBox;
      /// volume segmentation label
02411       QLabel* volumeSegmentationLabel;
      /// volume vector primary overlay radio button
02414       QRadioButton* volumePrimaryOverlayVectorRadioButton;
      /// volume vector secondary overlay radio button
02417       QRadioButton* volumeSecondaryOverlayVectorRadioButton;
      /// volume vector underlay radio button
02420       QRadioButton* volumeUnderlayVectorRadioButton;
      /// volume vector combo box
02423       QComboBox* volumeVectorComboBox;
      /// volume vector label
02426       QLabel* volumeVectorLabel;
      /// volume functional display color bar
02429       QCheckBox* volumeFunctionalDisplayColorBarCheckBox;
      /// volume overlay opacity float spin box
02432       QDoubleSpinBox* volumeOverlayOpacityDoubleSpinBox;
      /// volume anatomy info push button
02435       QPushButton* volumeAnatomyInfoPushButton;
      /// volume functional view info push button
02438       QPushButton* volumeFunctionalViewInfoPushButton;
      /// volume functional thresh info push button
02441       QPushButton* volumeFunctionalThreshInfoPushButton;
      /// volume paint info push button
02444       QPushButton* volumePaintInfoPushButton;
      /// volume prob atlas info push button
02447       QPushButton* volumeProbAtlasInfoPushButton;
      /// volume rgb info push button
02450       QPushButton* volumeRgbInfoPushButton;
      /// volume segmentation info push button
02453       QPushButton* volumeSegmentationInfoPushButton;
      /// volume vector info push button
02456       QPushButton* volumeVectorInfoPushButton;
      /// volume anatomy metadata push button
02459       QPushButton* volumeAnatomyMetaDataPushButton;
      /// volume functional view metadata push button
02462       QPushButton* volumeFunctionalViewMetaDataPushButton;
      /// volume functional thresh metadata push button
02465       QPushButton* volumeFunctionalThreshMetaDataPushButton;
      /// volume paint metadata push button
02468       QPushButton* volumePaintMetaDataPushButton;
      /// volume prob atlas metadata push button
02471       QPushButton* volumeProbAtlasMetaDataPushButton;
      /// volume rgb metadata push button
02474       QPushButton* volumeRgbMetaDataPushButton;
      /// volume segmentation metadata push button
02477       QPushButton* volumeSegmentationMetaDataPushButton;
      /// volume vector metadata push button
02480       QPushButton* volumeVectorMetaDataPushButton;
      /// segmentation volume drawing type combo box
02483       QComboBox* volumeSegmentationDrawTypeComboBox;
      /// anatomy volume drawing type combo box
02486       QComboBox* volumeAnatomyDrawTypeComboBox;
      /// anatomy volume brightness control
02489       QSlider* volumeAnatomyBrightnessSlider;

      /// anatomy volume brightness label
02492       QLabel* volumeAnatomyBrightnessLabel;
      /// anatomy volume  contrast label
02495       QLabel* volumeAnatomyContrastLabel;
      /// anatomy volume contrast control
02498       QSlider* volumeAnatomyContrastSlider;

      /// vector volume group box
02501       QGroupBox* vectorVolumeGroupBox;
      /// vector volume sparsity spin box
02504       QSpinBox* vectorVolumeSparsitySpinBox;
      /// volume montage group box
02507       QGroupBox* volumeMontageGroupBox;
      /// volume montage rows spin box
02510       QSpinBox* volumeMontageRowsSpinBox;
      /// volume montage columns spin box
02513       QSpinBox* volumeMontageColumnsSpinBox;
      /// volume montage slice increment spin box
02516       QSpinBox* volumeMontageSliceIncrementSpinBox;
      /// brain model combo box for volume overlay surface
02519       GuiBrainModelSelectionComboBox* volumeOverlaySurfaceSelectionComboBox[DisplaySettingsVolume::MAXIMUM_OVERLAY_SURFACES];
      /// checkbox for volume overlay surface outline
02522       QCheckBox* volumeShowOverlaySurfaceOutlineCheckBox[DisplaySettingsVolume::MAXIMUM_OVERLAY_SURFACES];
      /// show volume overlay surface outline color combo box
02525       QComboBox* volumeOverlaySurfaceOutlineColorComboBox[DisplaySettingsVolume::MAXIMUM_OVERLAY_SURFACES];
      /// show volume overlay surface outline thickness float spin box
02528       QDoubleSpinBox* volumeOverlaySurfaceOutlineThicknessDoubleSpinBox[DisplaySettingsVolume::MAXIMUM_OVERLAY_SURFACES];
      /// show the coordinates of the volume crosshairs
02531       QCheckBox* volumeShowCrosshairCoordinatesCheckBox;
      /// oblique slices view matrix control
02534       GuiTransformationMatrixSelectionControl* obliqueVolumeSliceMatrixControl;
      /// oblique slices sampling size float spin box
02537       QDoubleSpinBox* obliqueSlicesSamplingSizeDoubleSpinBox;
      /// show the volume crosshairs
02540       QCheckBox* volumeShowCrosshairsCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume page
02543       QWidget* pageSurfaceAndVolume;
      /// surface and volume page widget group
02546       WuQWidgetGroup* pageSurfaceAndVolumeWidgetGroup;
      /// surface and volume draw black anatomy voxels
02549       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeAnatomyBlackCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume display horizontal slice check box
02552       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeHorizontalSliceCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume display parasagittal slice check box
02555       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeParasagittalSliceCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume display coronal slice check box
02558       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeCoronalSliceCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume horizontal slice spin box
02561       QSpinBox* surfaceAndVolumeHorizontalSliceSpinBox;
      /// surface and volume parasagittal slice spin box
02564       QSpinBox* surfaceAndVolumeParasagittalSliceSpinBox;
      /// surface and volume coronal slice spin box
02567       QSpinBox* surfaceAndVolumeCoronalSliceSpinBox;
      /// surface and volume show surface check box
02570       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeShowSurfaceCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume show functional volume on slices
02573       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeShowFunctionalCloudCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume functional volume group box
02576       QGroupBox* surfaceAndVolumeFunctionalGroupBox;
      /// surface and volume show primary overlay on slices
02579       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeShowPrimaryCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume show secondary overlay on slices
02582       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeShowSecondaryCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume functional volume opacity float spin box
02585       QDoubleSpinBox* surfaceAndVolumeFunctionalCloudOpacitySpinBox;
      /// surface and volume functional volume opacity check box
02588       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeFunctionalCloudOpacityCheckBox;
      /// surface and volume functional distance threshold
02591       QDoubleSpinBox* surfaceAndVolumeFunctionalDistanceSpinBox;
      /// surface and volume segmentation volume group box
02594       QGroupBox* surfaceAndVolumeSegmentationGroupBox;
      /// surface and volume show segmentation volume on slices
02597       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeShowSegmentationCloudCheckBox;
      /// box for vector items
02600       QGroupBox* surfaceAndVolumeVectorVBox;
      /// surface and volume show vector volume cloud
02603       QCheckBox* surfaceAndVolumeShowVectorCloudCheckBox;
      /// the images page
02606       QWidget* pageImages;
      /// show image in main window checkbox
02609       QCheckBox* showImageInMainWindowCheckBox;
      /// images button group
02612       QButtonGroup* imagesButtonGroup;
      /// layout for iamges
02615       QVBoxLayout* imagesLayout;
      /// images selection buttons
02618       std::vector<QRadioButton*> imagesRadioButtons;
      /// models main page
02621       QWidget* pageModelsMain;
      /// models settings page
02624       QWidget* pageModelsSettings;
      /// models main sub page layout
02627       QVBoxLayout* modelsSubPageMainLayout;
      /// models opacity float spin box
02630       QDoubleSpinBox* modelsOpacityDoubleSpinBox;
      /// models line size float spin box
02633       QDoubleSpinBox* modelsLineSizeDoubleSpinBox;
      /// models vertex size float spin box
02636       QDoubleSpinBox* modelsVertexSizeDoubleSpinBox;
      /// minimum line size
02639       float minLineSize;
      /// maximum line size
02642       float maxLineSize;
      /// minimum point size
02645       float minPointSize;
      /// maximum point size
02648       float maxPointSize;
      /// current number of models in brain set
02651       int numValidModels;
      /// checkbuttons for controlling display of models
02654       std::vector<QCheckBox*> modelCheckBoxes;
      /// transform selection for display of models
02657       std::vector<GuiTransformationMatrixSelectionControl*> modelTransformControls;
      /// layout for modelSelectionGridWidget
02660       QGridLayout* modelSelectionGridWidgetLayout;
      /// model vertices lighting check box
02663       QCheckBox* modelVerticesLightingCheckBox;
      /// model lines lighting check box
02666       QCheckBox* modelLinesLightingCheckBox;
      /// model polygons lighting check box
02669       QCheckBox* modelPolygonsLightingCheckBox;
      /// model show polygons check box
02672       QCheckBox* modelShowPolygonsCheckBox;
      /// model show triangles check box
02675       QCheckBox* modelShowTrianglesCheckBox;
      /// model show lines check box
02678       QCheckBox* modelShowLinesCheckBox;
      /// model show vertices check box
02681       QCheckBox* modelShowVerticesCheckBox;
      /// widget group for model items
02684       WuQWidgetGroup* modelSettingsWidgetGroup;
      /// section main page
02687       QWidget* pageSectionMain;
      /// widget group for section main page
02690       WuQWidgetGroup* pageSectionMainWidgetGroup;
      /// section line edit
02693       QLineEdit* sectionNumberLineEdit;

      /// paint main page
02696       QWidget* pagePaintMain;
      /// widget group for paint main page
02699       WuQWidgetGroup* pagePaintMainWidgetGroup;
      /// geography blending double spin box
02702       QDoubleSpinBox* geographyBlendingDoubleSpinBox;

      /// paint name page
02705       QWidget* pagePaintName;
      /// paint name checkbox layout
02708       QGridLayout* paintNameCheckBoxGridLayout;
      /// paint name checkboxes
02711       std::vector<QCheckBox*> paintNameCheckBoxes;
      /// paint name checkbox paint file indices
02714       std::vector<int> paintNameCheckBoxPaintFileNameIndices;
      /// paint name checkbox widget groupt
02717       WuQWidgetGroup* paintNameCheckBoxWidgetGroup;
      /// top level paint page
02720       QWidget* pagePaintColumn;
      /// widget group for paint column page
02723       WuQWidgetGroup* pagePaintColumnWidgetGroup;
      /// paint page layout
02726       QVBoxLayout* paintPageLayout;
      /// number of valid paint
02729       int numValidPaints;
      /// labels for paint column numbers
02732       std::vector<QLabel*> paintColumnNameLabels;
      /// radio buttons for paint selection
02735       std::vector<QRadioButton*> paintColumnRadioButtons;
      /// line edits for paint names
02738       std::vector<QLineEdit*> paintColumnNameLineEdits;
      /// layout for paint radio button and text boxes
02741       QGridLayout* paintColumnSelectionGridLayout;
      /// button group for paint radio buttons
02744       QButtonGroup* paintColumnButtonGroup;
      /// button group for paint comment buttons
02747       QButtonGroup* paintColumnCommentButtonGroup;
      /// button group for paint metadata buttons
02750       QButtonGroup* paintColumnMetaDataButtonGroup;
      /// paint apply coloring to corresponding structures
02753       QCheckBox* paintApplySelectionToLeftAndRightStructuresFlagCheckBox;
      /// paint column comment push buttons
02756       std::vector<QToolButton*> paintColumnCommentPushButtons;
      /// paint column metadat push buttons
02759       std::vector<QToolButton*> paintColumnMetaDataPushButtons;
      /// combo box for surface overlay mode
02762       QComboBox* surfaceColoringModeComboBox;
      ///  radio button on overlay underlay surface page
02765       QCheckBox* layersBorderCheckBox;
      ///  radio button on overlay underlay surface page
02768       QCheckBox* layersCellsCheckBox;
      ///  radio button on overlay underlay surface page
02771       QCheckBox* layersFociCheckBox;
      /// current surface being controlled
02774       QComboBox* surfaceModelIndexComboBox;
      /// current overlay being controlled
02777       QComboBox* overlayNumberComboBox;
      /// widget group for overlay number
02780       WuQWidgetGroup* overlayNumberWidgetGroup;
      /// surface model combo box to brain model surface indices
02783       std::vector<int> surfaceModelIndexComboBoxValues;
      /// current brain model surface index that is being controlled
      /// If negative then controlling all surfaces
02787       int surfaceModelIndex;
      /// horizontal box containing surface model index selection
02790       QGroupBox* surfaceModelGroupBox;
      /// volume animate direction combo box
02793       QComboBox* volumeAnimateDirectionComboBox;
      /// animate volume flag
02796       bool continueVolumeAnimation;
      /// scene main page
02799       QWidget* pageSceneMain;
      /// skip updating of scene page
02802       bool skipScenePageUpdate;
      /// scene list box
02805       QListWidget* sceneListBox;
      /// scene preserve foci, foci colors, and study metadata checkbox
02808       QCheckBox* scenePreserveFociCheckBox;
      /// scene window position combo box
02811       QComboBox* sceneWindowPositionComboBox;
      /// region main page
02814       QWidget* pageRegionMain;
      /// region all time courses check box
02817       QRadioButton* regionAllTimeCoursesCheckBox;
      /// region single time course check box
02820       QRadioButton* regionSingleTimeCourseCheckBox;
      /// region time course combo box
02823       QComboBox* regionTimeCourseComboBox;

      /// region case combo box
02826       QComboBox* regionCaseComboBox;

      /// region paint volume
02829       QComboBox* regionPaintVolumeComboBox;

      /// region popup graph check box
02832       QCheckBox* regionPopupGraphCheckBox;

      /// region popup graph auto scale radio button
02835       QRadioButton* regionGraphAutoScaleRadioButton;
      /// region popup graph user scale radio button
02838       QRadioButton* regionGraphUserScaleRadioButton;
      /// region popup graph user scale minimum line edit
02841       QLineEdit* regionGraphUserScaleMinLineEdit;
      /// region popup graph user scale maximum line edit
02844       QLineEdit* regionGraphUserScaleMaxLineEdit;
      /// paint medial wall override check box
02847       QCheckBox* paintMedWallCheckBox;
      /// paint medial wall column combo box
02850       GuiNodeAttributeColumnSelectionComboBox* paintMedWallColumnComboBox;
      /// lat/lon main page
02853       QWidget* pageLatLonMain;
      /// layout for lat/lon main page
02856       QVBoxLayout* latLonMainPageLayout;
      /// lat/lon comment button group
02859       QButtonGroup* latLonCommentButtonGroup;
      /// lat/lon grid layout
02862       QGridLayout* latLonSelectionGridLayout;
      /// number of valid lat/lon columns
02865       int numValidLatLon;
      /// lat lon comment push buttons
02868       std::vector<QPushButton*> latLonColumnCommentPushButtons;
      /// lat lon name line edits
02871       std::vector<QLineEdit*> latLonNameLineEdits;

      /// surface clipping page
02874       QWidget* pageSurfaceClipping;

      /// surface clipping page widget group
02877       WuQWidgetGroup* surfaceClippingPageWidgetGroup;

      /// surface clipping apply clipping combo box
02880       QComboBox* surfaceClippingApplyComboBox;

      /// enable surface clipping check boxes
02883       QCheckBox* surfaceClippingEnabledCheckBox[6];

      /// surface clipping coordinate double spin box
02886       QDoubleSpinBox* surfaceClippingCoordSpinBox[6];

      /// vector selection page
02889       QWidget* pageVectorSelection;

      /// layout for vector selection page
02892       QVBoxLayout* pageVectorSelectionLayout;

      /// checkboxes for selecting vector files for display
02895       std::vector<QCheckBox*> vectorSelectionCheckBoxes;

      /// vector settings page
02898       QWidget* pageVectorSettings;

      /// vector settings page widget group
02901       WuQWidgetGroup* vectorSettingsPageWidgetGroup;

      /// vector selection page widget group
02904       WuQWidgetGroup* vectorSelectionPageWidgetGroup;

      /// vector type mode combo box
02907       QComboBox* vectorTypeModeComboBox;

      /// vector surface symbol combo box
02910       QComboBox* vectorSurfaceSymbolComboBox;

      /// vector draw with magnitude check box
02913       QCheckBox* vectorDrawWithMagnitudeCheckBox;

      /// vector surface display mode combo box
02916       QComboBox* vectorDisplayModeSurfaceComboBox;
      /// vector volume display mode combo box
02919       QComboBox* vectorDisplayModeVolumeComboBox;

      /// vector sparse distance spin box
02922       QSpinBox* vectorSparseDistanceSpinBox;
      /// vector length multiplier float spin box
02925       QDoubleSpinBox* vectorLengthMultiplierDoubleSpinBox;
      /// vector surface line width float spin box
02928       QDoubleSpinBox* vectorSurfaceLineWidthSpinBox;

      /// vector volume slice above limit float spin box
02931       QDoubleSpinBox* vectorVolumeSliceAboveLimitSpinBox;

      /// vector volume slice below limit float spin box
02934       QDoubleSpinBox* vectorVolumeSliceBelowLimitSpinBox;

      /// vector magnitude threshold float spin box
02937       QDoubleSpinBox* vectorMagnitudeThresholdSpinBox;

      /// vector segmentation mask volume file group box
02940       QGroupBox* vectorSegmentationGroupBox;

      /// vector segmentation mask volume file combo box
02943       GuiVolumeFileSelectionComboBox* vectorSegmentationMaskVolumeComboBox;

      /// vector functional mask volume file group box
02946       QGroupBox* vectorFunctionalVolumeMaskGroupBox;

      /// vector functional mask volume file combo box
02949       GuiVolumeFileSelectionComboBox* vectorFunctionalMaskVolumeComboBox;

      /// vector functional mask volume negative threshold value
02952       QDoubleSpinBox* vectorFunctionalMaskVolumeNegThreshSpinBox;

      /// vector functional mask volume positive threshold value
02955       QDoubleSpinBox* vectorFunctionalMaskVolumePosThreshSpinBox;

      /// vector color mode combo box
02958       QComboBox* vectorColorModeComboBox;

      /// vector display orientation combo box
02961       QComboBox* vectorDisplayOrientationComboBox;

      /// vector display orientation angle spin box
02964       QDoubleSpinBox* vectorDisplayOrientationAngleSpinBox;

      /// geodesic main page
02967       QWidget* pageGeodesicMain;
      /// geodesic main page layout
02970       QVBoxLayout* geodesicMainPageLayout;
      /// enable geodesic path check box
02973       QCheckBox* geodesicDistanceEnableCheckBox;
      /// geodesic comment button group
02976       QButtonGroup* geodesicCommentButtonGroup;
      /// geodesic grid layout
02979       QGridLayout* geodesicSelectionGridLayout;
      /// number of valid geodesic columns
02982       int numValidGeodesic;
      /// geodesic selection radio button group
02985       QButtonGroup* geodesicSelectionButtonGroup;
      /// geodesic comment push buttons
02988       std::vector<QPushButton*> geodesicColumnCommentPushButtons;
      /// geodesic selection radio buttons
02991       std::vector<QRadioButton*> geodesicSelectionRadioButtons;
      /// geodesic name line edits
02994       std::vector<QLineEdit*> geodesicNameLineEdits;
      /// geodesic path line width spin box
02997       QSpinBox* geodesicPathLineWidthSpinBox;
      /// geodesic show root node symbol check box
03000       QCheckBox* geodesicShowRootNodeCheckBox;
      /// areal estimation main page
03003       QWidget* pageArealEstimation;
      /// layout for areal estimation main page
03006       QVBoxLayout* arealEstimationMainPageLayout;
      /// areal estimation comment button group
03009       QButtonGroup* arealEstimationCommentButtonGroup;
      /// areal estimation metadata button group
03012       QButtonGroup* arealEstimationMetaDataButtonGroup;
      /// areal estimation selection button group
03015       QButtonGroup* arealEstimationSelectionButtonGroup;
      /// areal estimation grid layout
03018       QGridLayout* arealEstimationSelectionGridLayout;
      /// number of valid areal estimation columns
03021       int numValidArealEstimation;
      /// areal estimation comment push buttons
03024       std::vector<QToolButton*> arealEstimationColumnCommentPushButtons;
      /// areal estimation metadata push buttons
03027       std::vector<QToolButton*> arealEstimationColumnMetaDataPushButtons;
      /// areal estimation selection radio button
03030       std::vector<QRadioButton*> arealEstimationSelectionRadioButtons;
      /// areal estimation name line edits
03033       std::vector<QLineEdit*> arealEstimationNameLineEdits;
      /// surface data valid
03036       bool validSurfaceData;
      /// volume data valid
03039       bool validVolumeData;
      /// volume functional data valid
03042       bool validVolumeFunctionalData;
      /// areal estimation data valid
03045       bool validArealEstimationData;
      /// border data valid
03048       bool validBorderData;
      /// cell data valid
03051       bool validCellData;
      /// Cocomac data valid
03054       bool validCocomacData;
      /// contour data valid
03057       bool validContourData;
      /// deformation field data valid
03060       bool validDeformationFieldData;
      /// foci data valid
03063       bool validFociData;
      /// geodesic data valid
03066       bool validGeodesicData;
      /// image data valid
03069       bool validImageData;
      /// latlon data valid
03072       bool validLatLonData;
      /// metric data valid
03075       bool validMetricData;
      /// model data valid
03078       bool validModelData;
      /// paint data valid
03081       bool validPaintData;
      /// prob atlas surface data valid
03084       bool validProbAtlasSurfaceData;
      /// prob atlas volume data valid
03087       bool validProbAtlasVolumeData;
      /// region data valid
03090       bool validRegionData;
      /// rgb paint data valid
03093       bool validRgbPaintData;
      /// scene data valid
03096       bool validSceneData;
      /// section data valid
03099       bool validSectionData;
      /// shape data valid
03102       bool validShapeData;
      /// surface and volume data valid
03105       bool validSurfaceAndVolumeData;
      /// vector data valid
03108       bool validVectorData;
      /// topography data valid
03111       bool validTopographyData;


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