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QWidget * GuiMapFmriDialog::createSpecFileAndSurfaceSelectionPage (  )  [protected]

create the spec file and surface selection page

create the spec file and surface selection page.

Definition at line 2561 of file GuiMapFmriDialog.cxx.

References addCaretMapWithAtlasPushButton, addCaretSurfacesPushButton, addPageInformation(), addSpecAtlasPushButton, QtUtilities::makeButtonsSameSize(), mappingSetListBox, slotAddCaretMapWithAtlasPushButton(), slotAddCaretSurfacesPushButton(), slotAddSpecAtlasPushButton(), slotAddSpecFilesPushButton(), and slotRemoveMappingSetsPushButton().

Referenced by GuiMapFmriDialog().

   // Add list box for mapping sets
   mappingSetListBox = new QListWidget;
   // Pushbutton for selecting caret surfaces
   addCaretSurfacesPushButton = new QPushButton("Map to Caret...");
   QObject::connect(addCaretSurfacesPushButton, SIGNAL(clicked()),
                    this, SLOT(slotAddCaretSurfacesPushButton()));
                 "Press this button if you would like to map the\n"
                 "volume using surface(s) currently loaded in\n"
                 "Caret and place the output into the data file\n"
                 "currently loaded into Caret.  After doing so you\n"
                 "will need to save the metric file.");

   // Pushbutton for adding spec files
   QPushButton* addSpecFilesPushButton = new QPushButton("Map to Spec File...");
   QObject::connect(addSpecFilesPushButton, SIGNAL(clicked()),
                    this, SLOT(slotAddSpecFilesPushButton()));
                 "Press this button if you would like to map the \n"
                 "volume using surface(s) in a spec file and add\n"
                 "the output metric file to the spec file.");
   // Map to Caret using Atlas
   addCaretMapWithAtlasPushButton = new QPushButton("Map to Caret With Atlas...");
   QObject::connect(addCaretMapWithAtlasPushButton, SIGNAL(clicked()),
                    this, SLOT(slotAddCaretMapWithAtlasPushButton()));
                 "Press this button if you would like to map the \n"
                 "volume using an atlas but add the output\n"
                 "into the data file currently loaded in Caret.\n"
                 "After doing so, you will need to save the data\n"
   // Pushbutton for adding spec files but mapping with an atlas
   addSpecAtlasPushButton = new QPushButton("Map to Spec File With Atlas...");
   QObject::connect(addSpecAtlasPushButton, SIGNAL(clicked()),
                    this, SLOT(slotAddSpecAtlasPushButton()));
                 "Press this button if you would like to map the\n"
                 "volume using an atlas but place the output into\n"
                 "a data file and add the data file to a spec file.");
   // Pushbutton for removing items in dialog
   QPushButton* removeMappingSetsPushButton = new QPushButton("Remove Selected Items");
   QObject::connect(removeMappingSetsPushButton, SIGNAL(clicked()),
                    this, SLOT(slotRemoveMappingSetsPushButton()));
   // Grid layout for buttons
   QGridLayout* buttonsGridLayout = new QGridLayout;
   buttonsGridLayout->addWidget(addCaretSurfacesPushButton, 0, 0);
   buttonsGridLayout->addWidget(addSpecFilesPushButton, 0, 1);
   buttonsGridLayout->addWidget(addCaretMapWithAtlasPushButton, 1, 0);
   buttonsGridLayout->addWidget(addSpecAtlasPushButton, 1, 1);
   buttonsGridLayout->addWidget(removeMappingSetsPushButton, 2, 0);
   // Group box and layout for spec file and surface selection
   QGroupBox* groupBox = new QGroupBox("Spec File and Surface Selection");
   QVBoxLayout* groupBoxLayout = new QVBoxLayout(groupBox);
   const QString infoMessage = 
      "<B>Map to Caret</B> - Press this button to map volumes to the metric file currently "
      "loaded in Caret using surfaces loaded in Caret.<P>"
      "<B>Map To Caret With Atlas</B> - Press this button to map volumes to the metric file "
      "currently loaded in Caret using Atlas surface(s).<P>"
      "<B>Map to Spec File</B> - Press this button to map volumes to a metric file that will "
      "be added to the selected spec file using topology and coordinate files listed in the spec "
      "<B>Map to Spec File With Atlas</B> - Press this button to map volumes to a metric file "
      "that will be added to the selected spec file using Atlas surface(s).";
   QWidget* infoWidget = addPageInformation("Spec File and Surface Selection Information", infoMessage);
   QWidget* w = new QWidget;
   QVBoxLayout* layout = new QVBoxLayout(w);
   return w;

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