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GuiMapFmriSpecFileTopoCoordDialog Class Reference

#include <GuiMapFmriSpecFileTopoCoordDialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for GuiMapFmriSpecFileTopoCoordDialog:


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Detailed Description

Class for selecting topology and coordinate files from a spec file.

Definition at line 43 of file GuiMapFmriSpecFileTopoCoordDialog.h.

Public Slots

bool close ()

Public Member Functions

void getCoordFileNames (std::vector< QString > &names) const
 get the names of a coordinate files
int getNumberOfCoordFileNames () const
 get number of coordinate files
QString getSpecFileName () const
 Get the name of the selected spec file.
QString getTopoFileName () const
 get the name of the topo file
 GuiMapFmriSpecFileTopoCoordDialog (QWidget *parent, PreferencesFile *pf)
 ~GuiMapFmriSpecFileTopoCoordDialog ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void beep ()
static void showNormalCursor ()
static void showWaitCursor ()

Protected Slots

void slotCaptureImageAfterTimeOut ()
void slotMenuCaptureImageOfWindowToClipboard ()
void slotSelectAllCoordPushButton ()
 called when select all coord files pushbutton is pressed
void slotSelectSpecPushButton ()
 called when select spec file pushbutton pressed

Protected Member Functions

void addImageCaptureToMenu (QMenu *menu)
virtual void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *)
void done (int r)
 overrides parent's version

Protected Attributes

QListWidget * coordFileListBox
 coord file list box
QGroupBox * coordGroupBox
 coord file group
 the preferences file
SpecFile specFile
 the spec file
QLineEdit * specFileLineEdit
 spec file name line edit
QComboBox * topoFileComboBox
 topo file combo box
QGroupBox * topoGroupBox
 topo file group

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